Dragon Festival | International District (China Town) | Seattle, WA

Ramen Burger

Ramen Burger

Honestly going to the Dragon Festival today wasn’t even planned! But it worked out so Jhoey & I went after we dropped off my sister & her boyfriend in Ballard.

First thing we ate?! RAMEN BURGER! Courtesy of Peasant Food Manifesto, it was their special! Jhoey knew the people working and they suggested that we get their special of the day. It honestly was a difficult burger to eat o_O, but it was so unique and the flavor of it was good!

Mango w/ chili powder

Mango w/ chili powder

What caught my eye was the mangos!! I honest ❤ mangos, my favorite fruit! 🙄 Literally so good! It was basically a mango cut in a shape of a flower that was on a stick with some chili powder. I’m not a spicy person but the combination of sweet & spicy was soooo good 🙂

Cinnamon/Rainier Donuts

Cinnamon/Rainier Donuts

Last but not least we got donuts! Yay to the people from Hot Revolution Donuts, these little babies were so good! We got a mixture of a Rainier but with cinnamon instead of powder sugar. These little babies were gone so quick!

For such an unexpected trip to the festival my tummy was full & happy. It was such a great way to kill a couple hours and finding parking wasn’t too bad! 😀


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