The Bite of Seattle Haul

The Bite of Seattle!
If you’re from Seattle then you know the crazy madness of the bite! The amount of people can tend to be crazy but thankfully we went early, even before some booths were open, just to ensure good parking & not having it to be blazing hot out!

Get Smoosh ice cream sandwich

Get Smoosh ice cream sandwich

Since it’s National Ice Cream Day, my first stop was Get Smoosh! Delicious ice cream sandwiches that you could customize to your liking! The people working the stand were so nice. Even though I really wasn’t trying to have ice cream for “breakfast” it happened 😛 Honestly you must try! I got chocolate chip cookies, with strawberry ice cream and graham cracker crumbs. NOM NOM NOM 😀

Poached chicken over rice w/

Poached chicken over rice w/ nagoya sauce

Up next was Gai Box! I honestly was so excited! I’ve heard about them through instagram & was pretty excited to see them at the bite. What was cool was they had “the bite” size orders so you can have a little bite and not get too full from. We got poached local chicken & rice with nagoya sauce. It was honestly soooo good. Jhoey & I got to talk to the people that work and even own the mobile truck and they were saying that everything that they make is home made, and I will say it tasted that way.

Shishkaberrys "Halle Berry"

Shishkaberrys “Halle Berry”

Then one thing I always have to get if I’m either at a festival event in the Seattle Center or even at a Mariners Game are Shishkaberrys. They’re just chocolate covered strawberries dressed up with either sprinkles or oreos. I usually get the “Halle Berry” which is chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles 😀

It honestly was a pretty chill day at the Bite. We definitely got to beat the crowd and enjoyed the festival and the hot weather 🙂


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