Richmond Night Market | Richmond, Canada

IMG_1014Canada for the weekend was just great! Went from Friday to Saturday night! Drove in on Friday & unfortunately it was raining on the way there and it was still sprinkling when we got to Surrey. We meet up with my older cousin Ate’ Bosel & her kids Sophia & Noah. Of course the first stop was Nandos!

If you’ve never heard of Nandos it’s yummy chicken! First time having it was last year and literally lemony herb chicken there is just great! Just the chicken there is just yummy!

Then we got to go to their mall and hang around. Went to Metrotown to kill a couple of hours before we headed to the Richmond Night Market! Our older cousin & her kids weren’t gonna go but her kids really wanted to come with us so it really was a family event day!



Jhoey & I started off with takoyaki! Trust me, there just isn’t one takoyaki stand, thre were atleast like 3 of them! It’s not like a I ever crave takoyaki, but OMG this one we got was soooo good 😱! There was even a little bit of wasabi on it but it wasn’t too hot at all!

Ginger & Scallions over Poached Chicken & Rice

Ginger & Scallions over Poached Chicken & Rice

Then the 2nd stand was my choice! I went to Phat Buddha Tacos (#phatbuddhatacos) The people were really nice! I got Ginger & Scallion Puffed Rice Poached Chicken. 😋NOM NOM NOM! It was a pretty darn good taco!

Bubble Waffle

Bubble Waffle

Then we had some of the bubble waffles! My sister just got the plain one. I won’t lie I wasn’t expecting it to be great but it was such a good dessert! It wasn’t too sweet or to bland. Definitely a good try! Plus it was easy to share since all you had to do was break off one of the bubbles and you’re god to go!


LOL sister & Jhoey trying to eat the Ice Cane

Puff Sundae

Puff Sundae

Then it was my turn to pick a dessert! I really wanted the Puff Sundae & Jhoey wanted to try the Ice Cane! The Puff Sundae tasted like Kix cereal but a little less sweet! It honestly was good! I think that was my favorite dessert so far that day!

Gigantic Frozen Ice Cram

Gigantic Frozen Ice Cram

Then we had the fail dessert. I saw the Giant Frozen Ice Cream stand, I was honestly excited! But sadly for the first time ever I had to throw away most of it. Not because I was already full but because it wasn’t that good 😟. Not only was it gigantor the ice cream was just too sweet. Didn’t even really taste like ice cream just some ice & sugar. But if anything a picture with it was cool because it was so tall! Thought for a good couple of times walking around with it that it was going to fall!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThen we had the stuffed fish pastries. We’ve had them before here in Seattle, but we in the coupon book it they had a deal when you bought 4 so my sister decided to just buy 4 for all of us.

In conclusion I will say that the Richmond Night Market has just soo much going on! It’s such a good place to just go to visit and explore. Definitely a great food place since there are many to choose from! I’m even thinking about making another trip out there again!



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