Nate’s Chicken & Waffle | Rainier Beach | Seattle

As much as people say Nate’s it just all about hype, I get that. I mean yeah it’s pretty expensive for like an $8 waffle. But one thing that I think is a very good deal is the Chicken Waffle Sliders. Not because it’s the perfect size of a meal, half a waffle with chicken and mixed greens, but also you get to pick a size! I always get the mac and cheese! The menu board use to say Beecher’s cheese mac and cheese, or I could be making me this up, but this time it just said “mac & cheese” but of course it’s still bomb!

So even if you hate the hype of Nate’s or feel like you just need to go try it out because everybody said it’s “sooo good” or even if you want to test out the waters yourself because people are telling you “it’s sooo not even worth it” then atleast order the Chicken Waffle Sliders! I feel like at least you’ll get more for what you’re paying for!


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