Portage Bay | Seattle, WA

Today I got to wake up early on my day off & hang out with my bfffl šŸ‘Æ. She just got done with her first quarter of grad school to get her MSW. So yay I finally get to hang out with her before she jets off to Shanghai soon!

Didn’t know where to get breakfast at today. I honestly really need to start a list. But one I know I haven’t posted up a blog in awhile. I’ve been having difficulties with my phone so it’s been annoying, I think I’ll get one soon.

Anyways back to Portage Bay šŸ˜ ! It’s definitely a place to try out if you love toppings on your pancakes or french toast. Honestly it just feels even homey and very local when you’re in the place. Unlimited topping bar is definitely great and the whip cream šŸ˜± literally soooo yummm!!

If you’re in the UW area definitely try it out! I would recommend to either go very early or even on the week day because on the weekend it definitely gets very busy!


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