Carne Asada Fries | Memos | Seattle, WA

 Yesterday I got to hang out with the besties (MRO$$ & Len) MRO$$ is actually leaving for Shanghai today so literally all yesterday afternoon & till like 1:30AM I helped her get ready for her trip!

But one thing she was craving was Memos carne asado fries. Let me just say I barely go to Memos in the day time. Most people I know don’t even go there unless they are drunk. But Memos is definitely a place that I know that if I am craving carne asado fries at what ever time in the day that I can drive up to the AVE and get some since they are 24 hrs.

So check out Memos on the Ave (by UW) and get some carne asado fries … because fries are life 🙂


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