Lardo | Portland, OR


Let me take you back to last Friday when I was down in Portland! My friendsRobert, Amber, & I were trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner. We were going to go find food trucks but it was already getting late and dark and decided instead to find a restaurant. We asked the house owner of the Air B&B we stayed at good places to eat and she talked about a whole lot of places and different parts of town and we decided on Lardo.

Lets just say it isn’t your regular sandwich shop. Of course everything was local and fresh she the food was delicious! I decided to get a Pho’ rench Dip sandwich. OMG!!! Think of a french dip, now instead of the regular meat in a typical french dip sandwich, think of everything that is in Pho! The dip part was Pho broth. Honestly it was such a good sandwich I’d go back for it! It is definitely a new place I will stop by again if I am in Portland again!


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