Lunch Box Laboratory | Bellevue

Lunch Box Laboratory has some of the best shakes I have tasted in my life!

If you are a big fan of burgers in different flavors or styles and love shakes, this is the place to stop by! They have 3 locations; Seattle, Bellevue, & Gig Harbor. I have only been to the Seattle & Bellevue one.

If you aren’t a big fan of big crazy burgers, it’s okay, their Happy Hour Menu would be your life! Their Happy Hour is from 3PM-6PM & 9PM-Close. What I love about their Happy Hour Menu is the Scotty Drive in.

Sorry for not taking a picture of it, when it came to the table I literally ate it so fast! It’s my favorite burgers from Lunch Box. The Scotty Drive In, is two smaller burgers that pretty much taste like Dick’s (Seattle Local Burger Joint) and it comes with fries, for just around $6.50? Like how is that not a good deal!? Even though on happy hour their shakes are limited, they are worth every penny!

This time, I went on new years night with my cousin. I definitely got the Scotty Drive In and a orange creamsicle shake! It’s my favorite shake there. Bitter sweet moment is when I saw a peanut slice by my sprinkles O.O but lucky for me, I notice it before I drank too much & they replaced my drink & took it off the bill for me.

Even with such a large group I was going with, the service was nice and friendly. I honestly really like going their for Happy Hour!


  • If you are going with a party! RESERVE! Cause it definitely helps!
  • Get a shake you never had or something you feel like won’t be at other places! Lunch box has a lot of different shakes & trying them out are the best!

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