Stone House | Rainier Beach | Seattle

This place is sooo pretty! I won’t lie the whole time they were building the place I was just getting excited to come try it out! If you are ever on Rainier AVE driving toward Renton or going from Renton toward Rainier Beach, you definitely have seen this stone house along the side! But don’t hesitate on going there one day, you definitely have to try!

This was my 2nd time coming to this place. The 1st time was when Jhoey took me for my birthday & we got lunch/dinner there. But this time I went for Brunch! I had brunch with my sister & her bfffff Franciella! I love Fran, she is literally a soul sister! Anyways we went to check the place out for brunch and it was delicious!

I got the Stone House Platter. It was honestly the perfect size, since it was early I wasn’t too hungry. The biscuit is also made fresh from their Bakery! Fran had The Benedict w/out the Ham & it looked good. SIster had Our House Hash it was good but the meat chunks were pretty big.

If you’re looking for a great local spot this place is to go!

Brunch: Stone House Platter, The Benedict, & Our House Hash (big portion)
Lunch: The Tri Tip Dish, Reuben Stax

Feel free to comment on any questions!


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