Miyabi | Southcenter | Tukwila

Ever since I was introduced into Japanese dramas I have always dreamed about eating my meals in a bento box! Thanks to Miyabi’s in Southcenter, I can always trust them and myself that my decisions in life have always been good, especially for my stomach.

Shown above is the deliciousness of the bento box they have at Miyabi’s. They are more of a sushi restaurant, but of course being the girl who doesn’t eat much sushi, I always got to find other options in Japanese restaurants. I was so excited for when Jhoey brought me the first time, that  have fallen in love with their bento box choices.

You are able to pick between different meat choices and vegetarian options. I can’t stress enough how I love being able to try so many different things in just smaller portions!

Above I got the : Beef Yakiniku and Tempura seafood/veggies. I love the Beef Yakiniku so much! But if anything you must try it out. Love this place for their bento box!


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