Cali Burger | Udistrict

 If you have ever meet my Gemela (twin) you know she one of a kind!

This quarter has been tough. Even though I am soooo close to being done, it’s just feels like forever! I’ve only seen a few people this quarter because I’ve been either so busy with school or just feel so stressed about school. So to all my friends, it’s not like I am trying to avoid you, I’m just over here trying to make sure I graduate!

But thankful for Amber! We finally scheduled a day to actually meet up and grab dinner. My first time having Cali Burger. She told me about it on the way, I have never had In-N-Out, but if this is really like an In-N-Out burger than I’d probably like one a lot! Definitely ate my whole burger & fries within minutes! If you are looking for a new burger place to try or something that remind you of the In-N-Out, definitely a must try! Plus bring a friend! Even though life is rough, you need to take time to hang with friends & relax a few hours.

“I told the cashier that we were on our first date, that’s why she said good luck” – Amber



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