Coco Ramen & Curry Bar | Bellevue


If you are ever feeling Korean food, you must try this place out in Bellevue!

Coco Ramen & Bar
My cousin Brian took a whole bunch of us on Saturday for a cute impromptu late night dinner. Let me just say the whole day he got me really pumped about it and when we finally got to the resturant it was just so much fun!

There was 11 of us and at about 10PM at night I thought we were gonna wait long for some seats, but it turns out we only waited till they rearrange some seats together! Brian said he has only been there during lunch on the week days and said it was different.Saying that you would just order the food, sit down, & they would bring it over. But during dinner they actually sat us down and took our orders.

If you love Korean food, this place is the place to try out next! They had a wide variety of food to choose from! Honestly everything was good! I got the Bulgogi Ramen! It was nicely marinated! Most of us either got a ramen or a curry dish, but honestly it was delicious! Definitely a place to try out if you’re near Bellevue Square!


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