Molly Moons | Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt | Seattle

When you finally get the pin you really wanted on a mentally draining day, you get a little hope and faith in the world that everything will be okay!Honestly Jhoey & I didn’t think we would have gotten the pin today! Didn’t think Molly moon’s would have some pins left at about 10PM on a Tuesday, but to our surprise they had some left 🙂 and I didn’t have to wait in a 30 min line and have nasty food with my pin!

So far I have the Hello Kitty Cookie Pin from Hello Robins (which was my favorite treat on this hunt), Hello Kitty Bubble Tea from Gossip (the drink tasted disgusting, it was just tooo sweet), and now this Hello Kitty Ice Cream from Molly Moon’s (which was the cutest lil sundae I have ever had!)

Don’t feel discourage people! The hunt is still on till March 18th! So you still have some time to get some pins! Remember it’s only 30 pins a day!


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