Kurt Farm Shop | Seattle Ice Cream Festival | Capitol Hill

Yesterday it was like heaven hit earth for just a little bit 😍

My favorite food is ice cream! So when I got a Facebook invite a couple months ago about the Seattle Ice Cream Festival, I got so excited! But of course, being week 8 in Spring quarter, I have been just so busy with school and never knowing what day it ever is! Thankful that Facebook sends you a little reminder when you have an event you are attending because if anything I would have forgot!

I must say it was BUSY! My cousin Brian, his girlfriend Sarah, and I went to Capitol Hill around 2:30. Yay for good parking 🙌🏽  But as we got closer to where it was, there was a massive flood of people. I will say it was pretty unorganized just because you didn’t really understand what you were waiting in line for and at the same time you wanted to start waiting in a line because all the lines were pretty long. It just looked like random lines of people waiting and you could barely tell what stand they were waiting for at times. Decided that we would just wait for one ice cream place to try that we haven’t tried yet.

My goal was to try out Kurt Farm Shop. I’ve been wanting to go to the ice cream shop in forever! Thankfully we waited in the right line for it. I’d say we were in that line for a good 20-30 mins. But it was so yummy! I got 2 scoops, chocolate & jersey cream. If you are looking for a new shop to try out on Capitol Hill that isn’t Molly Moons! I’d say to go down by 12th AVE and try out Kurt Farm Shop because they really have tastey 😋 flavors!


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