Bok a Bok | White Center

Bok a Bok. 🐔 It was MR0$$ 24th birthday! Yay for her golden year & graduating with her MSW this year! Len & I had to take her out to celebrate with some chicken! It was our 1st time. I will say the service did suck when we were there. They forgot about our fries and took forever. But I will say it was some yummy chicken.

I like the breading and the crispiness of the chicken. The mac & cheese kimchi wasn’t very spicy so I did like it. The fries were okay, but the chicken sandwiches were delicious! I would say I would go back & maybe for take out. It is a small restaurant and not much seating. If anything go during the week on off hours. We were lucky enough to go on a Friday at about 2 so there wasn’t too many people. But for still being new there was a good flow amount of people coming in for take out or for take out.

If you do like chicken I would recommend this place because of the crispiness.


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