Insane Sundaes | Vivo 53 | Bellevue

My 1st reaction when seeing that there were insane sundae’s coming to Bellevue I was excited! Seeing the pictures I couldn’t help but try ASAP!

Today was the last day I got to hang out with the little cousin Jassny before she goes off to college 😥  (still can’t believe she’s moving to the east coast). Anyways we got to spend some cousin time with the Palma brothers!

Jassny got the Nutella Seduzione (picture below) while I got the The Neapolitan (picture above). The sundae’s were tasty, but here are my pros & cons list.


  • Pretty sundaes
  • Taste yummy


  • Service was really bad. We only came in for dessert & it took forever for the waiter to take our order. Then it took forever for our waters, that even came after the dessert got to us, as well as the check. I would say it wouldn’t have matter that much if it was crazy busy, but we went in at about 8PM.
  • Sundaes were not that big. As much as they were tasty, they weren’t as great as I thought it could be. I really did imagine it would be bigger.

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