Great State Burger | U District

I’ve been wanting to come to this place since I’ve been seeing it on my Instagram feed. I went a last month with my cousin when we were in the area. Great State Burger, caught my eye because of the crinkle fries, I love crinkle fries!!!

The location we went to was in the U district, but more like by Seattle Children’s. Its only a couple blocks away from U village, so it’s a good alternative if you do not want anything there. This location was pretty small. Parking wasn’t great, but good thing we did come during the week and not during lunch hours. What I loved about the place though was it tasted local. Meaning the meat was local, the potatoes, and even the drinks. They had a Jones Soda Fountain! It was pretty cool. My favorite part was the crinkle cut fries!

The only downfall is the size of the place, parking, and the price. The burger, fries, and a drink came out to about $12. But if you do want a great quality burger, I would say it wasn’t too bad. I would definitely go back when I have a craving. But if you do like burgers, I’d say give it a try! They do also have a location in South Lake Union and I believe it is a bigger location!


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