Vegan, Gluten-Free, Allergen Free Brownies

Spring quarter I was in a class called “Experimental Food” thankful my partner was Alexa! Couldn’t have asked for a better lab partner! So for this class, the whole quarter we had to modify a food that was out in the market. We could enhance the nutrient values, create it for people with special dietary habits, or create a product that could provide a better texture to a product. So Alexa & I decided to create a brownie that was vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free brownie that provided the same texture and moisture of a general brownie one would buy at the store.

So literally the whole 10 weeks of Winter Quarter, many of you have either seen my snapchat with baking till midnight, or even baking brownies so many times. It hasn’t because I was craving brownies at school and decided to make some. It was for my class 😂 Many people have questioned why I was baking brownies like twice a week. But to get the class over and done it feel great! When we did our sensory evaluation, I felt like a freaken winner! Someone who has celiac disease and said our brownies are the best they have tasted, even from the grocery store, I was so happy and pumped! Shout out the best partner Alexa for helping me through the quarter; physically, mentally, and emotionally! It helps she was one of the first people I met at SPU and we both are transfer students 😊

Short Summary:
We had to make three different variations. The best one was our control So the recipe below is going to be our control variation which was the most popular from our sensory evaluation.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free Brownies [yields 28]
– Sorghum flour – 125g
– Flaxseed meal, grinded – 14g
– Water – 2.5 fl oz
– Applesauce, unsweetened – 127g
– Sugar, granulated – 200g
– Cocoa powder, unsweetened – 43g
– Baking Powder – 3.45g
– Salt – 3g
– Vanilla extract – 4g
– Mini Allergen Free chocolate chip cookies – 60g

– Mini muffin baking trays
– Cookie scooper (easier to scoop into the baking trays)

– Preheat the oven to 350F
– Start with the flaxseed mill, if you can ground up in a coffee grinder. This will help the brownie not have a starchy texture. Once grinded, or not, add the water and let it sit for about 2-5 mins. This is going to be the egg replacement in the brownies.
– After preparing all the ingredients (flaxseed mill should be jelloish like), combine all the wet ingredients into the mixer. [Flaxseed mill, apple sauce, and vanilla extract]
– Once combined, add in the flours. For our experiment we had to count the strokes, so if you want, you can do it in 3 increments and 15 strokes in between.
– The scoop into a mini muffin tin tray. These should make about 25-28. It really works well if you use a cookie scooper to add into tray.
– Bake for about 16 mins.
– Then add powder sugar on top if you like and enjoy!




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