Night Market Round #2 | Richmond | Canada

Last trip to the Richmond Night market so I had to make sure it was great! My older cousin, (Ate’) Sharyn has been wanting to go all summer and finally we went! Thankfully Maryross  & Elaine came with us so we made it a girls trip to Canada for just the evening and it was so so so much fun!

First stop we went to the Daiso Flagship store. I didn’t even think about going to Daiso till Elaine was telling us about it. Think about a two story Daiso, it was so much fun! Video above is a haul of What I did get at the Daiso & what I bought that wasn’t food at the Night Market!


1st thing I got was Korokke from Mogo Japanese Street Eats. This one had ground pork in it. For being the first thing that I started off with I would say it was yummy! The crispy outside and soft inside is like a better version of a hash brown 👍


Maryross picked the next food we were gonna try out and got skewers. OMG these were so yummy! This one was from Chief James booth at the night market. The steak skewers were so nice and tender & the shrimp was on point! 😋

Then of course takoyaki! This is always a must, there are so many takoyaki booths I can never tell which one is better or even which one I’ve been too. But overall the takoyaki is way better than the ones here in Seattle. Always a must to get when at the night market.

Of course I wanted to try out a different dessert. There are so many to choose from but this time I tried the mango pancakes from Mango Tango booth. Imagine a crepe with fresh mango and whipped cream inside 😁 literally so yummy!

Then of course roasted corn. OMG 🌽 was sooooo bomb. I put lemon garlic and it was sooo delicious!

But of course last but not least Rotato!!! We got cheddar, sour cream & onions, and hot spicy. Quite a wait but it was yummy. Honestly after this, we could not eat anymore.

Overall it was a great girls trip. We at so much that we couldn’t handle anymore. Excited for next year or the next time we go back to Canada!


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