Munchery | Let’s Try!

There are so many food delivery services I decided to try some of them out. First one to try was Munchery so I decided to reach out to them. I’ve heard about them, but didn’t really understand the concept of them. If you want to try them out sign up & give them a try use my link 🙂 (

What was really cool is on the website there are different items to choose from for each day of the week so there is always a variety. Their time frames when they deliver aren’t bad and if you are just soo excited for your meal you can even track your delivery guy on his where abouts. I was so excited to see my delivery guy in my drive way that I beat him to my front door before he even rang the door bell.

I ordered the Balsamic-Marnated Tri Tip Steak. It was honestly really good and didn’t expect the flavor to be  really good with the steak. The potatoes were really good and what was really nice is that all I had to do when I got my food was heat it up. I honestly loved the whole meal, all that it was missing was more mushrooms since I love mushrooms! What was interesting was that at first when I got the meal I felt like it wasn’t a very big portion, but what I realize after I started to eat the food was that the quality of the ingredient were so good and fresh I was honestly so full from the whole meal. Plus the added bonus of the banana bread, which was super delicious, was a thank you gift from the Munchery team.

Pros: Food was bomb, customer service was great, and how many dishes there were to select at an affordable price.

Con: There is a monthly membership. At first I didn’t really understand the monthly membership. Which now looking over, could be very pricey for people. It would be about $8 a month for membership + the meal cost which is usually around $7-$12. So If you bought 2 dishes a week + monthly membership you are spending $80 for just 8 meals.

Overall with my experience with Munchery it was pretty good. I’m not sure as a current college student I would use it often because of the month membership. But if you are someone who would rather spend more because cooking is not an option for you then why not!



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