John Howie Steak | Bellevue

A couple weeks ago (yes I know I am way late on this post), my best friends & I did a staycation in Bellevue. Since we’ve never had a sleepover growing up we just did an adult version. Let’s just say it was a ton of fun. Yummiest part was happy hour!

John Howie Steak House(HH menu), was literally so delicious and the price was pretty darn good. For some reason we kinda were just like you know what lets just get whatever seems good & for just the three of us ladies, it was soooo much food!

Counter clockwise:

  • Deviled Eggs: OMG this was so yummy! The bacon bites on top, made it extra yummy
  • Beecher’s Mac’n Cheese: To describe it, it didn’t taste like regular mac’n cheese, it had a different flavor to it, but it wasn’t bad, it was really good. Definitely a must try!
  • Seven Flavor Prime Tenderloin Bites: These little bites of heaven had like an asian flavor to them. Since we knew it was a steak house we had to try some of the meat & goshdamn it was delicious!
  • Six Cheese Flatbread with Watercress, Truffle & Lemon: The watercress really added flavor to the flatbread and tasty really good. The cheeses weren’t too over baring, so it was great for some carbs that night 😀
  • USDA Prime Beef Bacon Cheeseburger: Honestly by the time we got to the burger we were so full, but even the next day when I had it for left overs it was still pretty juicy & still had so much flavor!

Overall, if you want to go on a nice date or feel like treating yourself out to some damn good food, the place is perfect, especially for happy hour!

Happy Hour Hours (lol):

  • Bar Happy Hour: Monday – Sunday 3pM-6PM
  • Happy Hour After Dark: Monday – Thursday 9PM-11PM |  Friday -Saturday 10PM-12AM

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