Smith | Capitol Hill | Seattle

My favorite chicken & waffles is this place by far. The last time I ate here, I was with my sister and her coworkers. I specifically remember I choose the wrong dish when she let me have some of hers. Till that vary day  I knew I had to go back. But of course the last time I did go back, it was sold out!

Finally last Saturday for brunch with the besties I was able to fall back in love with my favorite chicken and waffle again. It tasted different and looked different but tasted even better than I expected. Smith is on Capitol Hill. It’s a block down from Group Health and next to the Starbucks the serves the alcohol.

Brunch is on Saturday and Sundays from 9AM – 3PM. If you want to try a new breakfast place out this place is literally so cute! They have open table, so I would recommend to put in a reservation just because then you won’t have to wait for a table, just in case you get to be at that hANGRY state. The ambiance is very interesting. It’s like woodsy meets hipster pinterest.

The chicken and waffles are delicious. The chicken was just enough sweet and not salty at all. Plus the waffles were filling. Looking at my plate, I was thinking it’s literally one large waffle cut in halves plus four pieces of chicken, but I was really wrong because I was so full I couldn’t eat my last waffle and chicken. TRY IT OUT!


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