China Pie | Fremont, Seattle| Seattle Restaurant Week

First & foremost my bad on all these late post that are coming out. But it’s never to late to try out new places šŸ˜€

The combo of pizza & dumplings really intrigued me the most. So I got to plan a nice little dinner date with Alexa! With us being done with actually classes & just having internships for our Spring quarter we had a lot of catching up to do. It was perfect that it was restaurant week so we were able to do a 3 course meal at China Pie!


  • Confit Chicken Wings – crispy & the marinade was yummers
  • Chicken Pho Soup Dumpling – didn’t taste too much like Pho but it definitely smelled like it


  • Pepperoni – a bit oily but it was good. Not a big fan of thin pizza
  • Uncle Sau – Alexa ordered this one. She said it wasn’t bad different an interesting taste!

Dessert: To be honestly I do not remember the name of the dessert Alexa had, something with nuts because I do not think I ate some of it. But I do remember me getting the Hawaiian Upside down cake & it was very dry!

Overall the place wasn’t bad. I ran into one of my bosses & she said other stuff on their regular menu is great. I would go back to try at least one more time. The place is very cute though.


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