Grandt Kitchen | Surrey, Canada

I honestly do not know how to explain how yummy this whole table was!
To everybody who reads this post thanks 🙂 I finally got a new laptop & found time to start posting all the yummy found I’ve had since Puerto Rico!

My sister & I were planning to do a sister trip in July but of course my parents wanted to join us so it was nice to have all of us together for a weekend (more like a day)! Through our numerous of choices of what food we wanted to eat (trust me I had a whole schedule of each place we were going to tackle this time around) we decided for dinner to go to Grandt Kitchen, to have a kamayan dinner.

My sister has been wanting to get to have a kamayan dinner. For those who do not know what that is it’s a Filipino feast where you have various filipino food on banana leaves and eat it off the communal table.


Yes I know at first it could sound like a hot mess, but truly it’s fun! I would say do it with people you know (or even like) just so you don’t feel so odd about it. No utensils or plates needed! This was especially funny with my niece & nephews who felt so out of their norm digging right in without our normal plates and at least forks & spoons.

The whole experience was fun. We went with my family from Canada and had a great meal. My parents were skeptical at first but the whole time eating good Filipino food & just talking to each other and catching up was great. Definitely going back!


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