Neverland Tea Salon |Vancouver, Canada

One thing I regret the most about not staying the night in Canada is that when I drove home that morning I forgot to save my SnapChat story 😦 But at least I have this one picture of the high tea service we got! Neverland Tea Salon is a must stop for all Tea lovers!

I remember always wanting to do a high tea or try some fancy finger sandwiches growing up. Seeing it on TV or reading about them in books. Finally my sister & I thought of checking at least a high tea place while we were going to be in Canada.

IMG_1369Not only was it delicious! Their tea menu was so long and so good. They had such a great variety of tea it was really hard to choose from. Also needing to go to the bathroom so often just so I really could try a variety of food places. This one in particular was awesome. I knew it had to be good since the whole place was pretty booked. There were friends catching up, people buying tea, even a bridal party happening.

I’m glad not only to experience some yummy tea & delicious food with my sister, but also getting to spend some nice time with my parents. They had fun and my mom said they never would have though of a place like this. They really enjoyed the wide variety of tea and the delicious food!



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